Cooling Towers

We understand the critical roll your cooling tower plays in your process and bottom line. Reducing energy and water consumption, while improving equipment life is not only financially beneficial but also preserves our natural resources. Water One has the experience and products to meet your specific challenges in controlling scale and corrosion. While controlling biological activity has always been important, there is increasing awareness of airborne pathogens, including Legionella. Protecting the health and safety of people who work, live or shop near the cooling tower is a challenge best met with a knowledgeable water service provider. Water One has resources and wide range of products to reduce the biological risk inherent to cooling towers.

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Steam Boilers

Understanding boiler design and water treatment requirements of each boiler system is essential to maximizing its care and efficiency. Neglecting the end use of the steam or hot water can be detrimental to the people or products using the steam. Improper treatment of steam boiler systems using steam directly or indirectly can also shorten the equipment's lifespan or reduce its efficiency. Water One will manage these risks while managing scale, corrosion, and sludge. Our knowledge coupled with a product line formulated to provide the proper steam purity and quality for a wide range of systems enables us to achieve bottom line driven results.

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Closed Loop Systems

Hundreds of closed loops are under a service agreement with Water One. We have the experience and products to protect these loops and also to correct those that have been neglected. Closed loop systems have the same challenges that deprive efficiency from steam boilers and cooling towers: scale, corrosion, biological growth and fouling. While the same problems exist the treatment approach can be as unique as the process. We can be a partner in addressing unique challenges of a specialty loop such as a plastics molding and extrusion loop or a thermal storage closed loop. Closed loops can have unique water quality requirements that may be addressed by mechanical filtration, feed water pretreatment, or specialty treatment products for scale, corrosion, and biological control. Whether you have a demanding process loop or a closed loop for an HVAC process, Water One can be your competitive advantage in maintaining and maximizing the efficiency of your system.

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Specialty Services

Our services and products are as unique as our clients. We have services and programs to help with your specific challenges whether you are faced with neglected or newly installed equipment. Our commonly provided services include:

  • Cooling Tower Passivations
    Newly installed galvanized cooling towers or those containing galvanized components require the galvanized surfaces to be passivated. Without passivation, corrosion of galvanized steel, termed white rust will occur. The consequence of white rust can be premature failure of galvanized steel components. Consequently, partnering with Water One whether in the early cooling tower selection process, during the tower-preconditioning phase, routine operation, or during idle operation is essential to optimize your cooling tower investment.
  • Descalings
    Unfortunately the need for cooling tower and chiller system descalings is still fairly common. Whether caused by an improper or under-treated program, the need for placing the system back into service with the proper water treatment program is critical. Water One can provide emergency descaling services that achieve maximum effectiveness while reducing risks to equipment and personnel.
  • Closed Loop Cleaning and Treatments
    Water One provides closed loop cleanings for both newly constructed and fouled closed loop systems. New loops require a cleaning and passivation of surfaces to remove debris, solder and oils introduced during construction. Improperly treated closed loops may also require conditioning of the corroded pipe surfaces to inhibit further corrosion and removal of suspended solids that are detrimental to equipment components.
  • Water Line Chlorinating
    Water One provides chlorination services for newly constructed, renovated and biologically compromised domestic water lines. The intent of the chlorination is to ensure compliance with the methods and procedures outlined in ANSI/AWWA Standard C651-92 and to meet the bacteriological standards. Our services are provided in conjunction with verification by a third party state certified laboratory.

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